Outside play benefits at canopy Early Education

Apr 5, 2024

At canopy Early Education, we’re passionate about ensuring physical activity brings joy and excitement to our children. That’s why we offer a rich variety of engaging indoor and outdoor activities at our centres, including dancing, yoga, playful active games for kids to play outside, and outdoor adventures. Every day, there’s something fun for canopy learners to enjoy while playing outside in our beautiful natural surroundings!
The benefits of playing outside and regular exercise not only help make our children physically healthier but also boost their mental and emotional well-being. It strengthens their muscles and bones and helps with better concentration.

Encouraging playful discovery

In canopy nurseries, we provide dedicated outdoor environments as safe havens for infants to explore, where they can reach, roll, and crawl at their own pace. Additionally, within our expansive outdoor grounds, canopy educators offer outside play supervised activities for canopy learners that involve gross motor skills using the movement of their larger muscle groups in their arms, legs, and torso, such as crawling, jumping, running, and throwing.

Benefits of playing outside for toddlers

As our canopy toddlers’ curiosity emerges, so does their boundless energy and the need to burn off this vigour by playing outside. Our special canopy outdoor areas are perfect for them to get out in the open. With climbing structures, tunnels, and fun equipment, they can explore and challenge themselves physically. canopy educators encourage outside play activities like hopping, skipping, and climbing, which not only keep children healthy and coordinated but also make playtime enjoyable and inclusive.

We also offer many other activities, including ball games, nature walks, and obstacle courses. The benefits of outdoor play for children at canopy Early Education centres contribute to the development of hand-eye coordination, motor skills, teamwork, and problem-solving. Additionally, our lively music and movement sessions promote coordination, rhythm, and social interaction, fostering a playful atmosphere where our children can thrive both physically and emotionally.

Empowering possibilities

canopy educators are committed to providing enriching outdoor play experiences that nurture holistic development in our children and empower them to lead healthy, active lives filled with joy and boundless possibilities.

Content resource: raisingchildren.net.au