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API (Qld) Limited, a Queensland-based nonprofit organisation, has been serving communities for a century. Since 1992, we have been actively involved in the early years education sector. At canopy, we aim to be actively involved with the local community by creating meaningful programs, activities, and partnerships. We support and partner with:

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Connections in the local community

Our local partnerships with groups, organisations and individuals across all generations continues to grow, and currently include:


Relationships with local schools

for co-curricular activities and works towards a smooth Kindy to Prep transition for our children.


Albert Park Flexible Learning School

for co-curricular activities, childcare and parenting skills support.


Weekly fruit donations to ‘Dig In’

who provide 350 meals every Saturday to inner city homeless at Roma St and West End.


Healthy lifestyle articles

for our newsletter supplied by


Parent information nights

held with the support of Argus Family Services.


Our participation with QCF

Christmas Gift Appeal: to support Women’s Legal Service Qld and Lady Musgrave Trust.


Sustainability program

supported by donations from Coles Petrie Terrace and Officeworks Milton (packaging materials for arts and crafts, vegetables to regrow and magazines).


Support from many local businesses

displaying our brochures.


Support for the QLD Women’s Legal Service

Annual ‘Labels on the Lawn’ fundraiser.

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Join our canopy Community

There are plenty of opportunities for you to join or community or help to promote us. Please get in touch, we would be happy to hear from you!



Word of mouth referrals and local businesses can have flyers on counters


Leave canopy a Google review


Promoting canopy Early Education on your intranet


Volunteer at a one of our centres


Partner with us in a program i.e. Community gardens