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Childcare in Brisbane has evolved significantly over the years, and canopy Milton stands out as a premier example of a day care centre that has endured this transition.

Our childcare journey commenced in 1992 with the establishment of our Milton kindergarten and preschool, initially known as API Childcare Centres, now canopy Milton.

Situated on the traditional lands of the Turrbal and Jagera peoples near Brisbane’s heart, canopy Milton operates as a nonprofit community childcare centre, where for more than three decades we have adapted and expanded our centre to address the evolving needs of families. Today, we take pride in our position as a trusted leader in childcare in Brisbane.

Our centre provides care and education for children aged 6 weeks to 5 years, including a government-approved Kindergarten program. As a leading provider of preschool and kindy in Brisbane, our dedicated, professional, and friendly educators deliver high-quality education programs, ensuring that every child receives the attention and care they deserve.

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Why Choose canopy Milton?

From Nursery through to Kindergarten, children undergo pivotal developmental stages, shaping foundational skills in social interaction, motor abilities, and cognition.  At canopy Early Education, we acknowledge these crucial periods, and offer an educational environment conducive to holistic growth and learning. Our educators are dedicated to guiding each canopy learner’s developmental journey with individualised attention and bespoke programs, ensuring an optimal setting for your child’s early-year learning.

canopy Early Education is dedicated to offering the families at canopy Milton the best quality play-based learning programs and environments. Our purpose-built centre organically integrates indoor and outdoor spaces, with abundant filtered light flowing into the classrooms that open onto a spacious, natural playscape shaded by heritage-listed fig trees. 

canopy Milton isn’t just another option for childcare in Brisbane, we’re dedicated to providing children with a safe, stimulating space to explore, learn, and develop with a commitment to local intergenerational community engagement.

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Our location

18 Little Cribb St, Milton

Open from 7am to 6pm

Families at canopy Milton enjoy year-round care and education for their children from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm each day, excluding public holidays.

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canopy Milton playground
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Our Programs

As a leading provider of preschool and kindy in Brisbane, canopy Milton provides comprehensive childcare programs catering to children 6 months to 5 years, including a government-approved Kindergarten program. 


0-2 years

Social connections and exploration of their world.



2- 3 years

Sense of identity and social interactions.



4-5 years

Teamwork and problem solving.


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At canopy Milton, we prioritise your child’s education, engagement, and well-being with an array of comprehensive inclusions. From providing nappies to serving nutritious meals and snacks, we ensure every child thrives in our friendly, nurturing environment, intending to help make childcare easier for our busy canopy families!

2 meals and 2 snacks

by Kids Gourmet Food

Incursions + excursions

some charged

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Our canopy Milton Team

At canopy Milton, our team brings a wealth of expertise in childcare and diverse life experiences. With extensive backgrounds in early education, our educators shape a nurturing environment for canopy learners from Nursery to Kindergarten. Each child benefits from our team’s unique perspectives and skills, fostering holistic growth and development, and delivering exceptional childcare in Brisbane.

Kim van Straaten

Centre Manager milton

Kim van Straaten, grew up in South Africa and came to Australia as an adult. After spending a year in Sydney, she joined us in sunny Brisbane and soon after commenced with API Childcare, now canopy Early Education, starting as an Educator in 2017. Kim has qualifications and a background finance and law; however, she was driven for a change in focus to an area she felt very passionate about and made the switch to childcare. Kim gets a lot of satisfaction and happiness working in the early years education sector and her desire to make a difference and create a positive learning environment for children has pushed her to continue studying in the field, now on her way to completing a Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Teaching.


administration officer Milton

I have been working in Education for more than 15 years, in both Early and Primary School settings. I am passionate about learning in the early years and love to mix intentional teaching with fun activities, music and dance. Play is the highest form of learning and I never miss a chance to be spontaneous and silly where I can. I have two of my own children here at canopy Early Education Milton, so I know the importance of a safe and welcoming environment and try to help foster this environment for our families and staff alike. In my spare time I am an avid theatre critic and write for a national theatre review company, as well as writing children’s books. My dream is to be a published children’s author. I look forward to growing together with my children here as part of the canopy Milton family.

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